Hope 4 A Little Girl?

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This site has housed empty derelict buildings for many years.  During that time it has been a home to the homeless, a canvas for street art and graffiti, a place to shoot rock videos, a venue for art projects, a stage on which to rehearse street dance, a magnet to urban explorers, an indoor DIY skatepark, the subject of many, many photographs, a source of scrap materials and a place for fly tipping, a meeting place and a refuge for drinkers and drug users.  To those who followed the life of these derelict buildings it became affectionately known as the Crack-den.  I have documented many of the above activities on my blogs.  This post represents another of the activities which until now I have shied away from documenting.  I think the photographs tells a powerful story about the lives of some of the people who have spent time here.  In 2013 these buildings will be knocked down or boarded up for a last time.  The site is currently being prepared to be used as a car park.

WARNING – Should anyone reading this be thinking of visiting the site before it becomes a car park I would urge them first to consider their personal safety – on every level.  This site has many hidden dangers and you should seek permission before even thinking of entering.  This is a very hazardous site and safety cannot be guaranteed even when taking appropriate precautions.  The buildings are in a high state of disrepair and the hazards they present cannot be predicted.  The bio-hazard level and risk is very high – Needles  that have been used for drug use are nearly impossible to see and can cause irreversible infections. (Needles may not be attached to syringes and are almost invisible.)  They are scattered all over the site not just in the buildings.  This place really has had its day and is now simply dangerous.   I would strongly advise not to even think about visiting.  Stay safe – please take no chances and steer clear.  



    1. I think the visit I made to take these photographs will be my last. It really is unsafe and having warned others to stay away I think it is wise to follow my own advice. Thank you for your comments.

  1. A very poignant set and one wonders is bound to wonder how the message on the first image fits in with all the rest, Nigel. A wise warning to end with too.

  2. Hi Andy, Thanks for your comment. Yes, it isn’t until you get to the last photograph in the set that it becomes clear. It was my intention to draw people into what is revealed. These are a weighty set of images of a scene that stopped me in my tracks. I guess that is why I was moved to publish them on the blog.
    I have been visiting this place with my camera for about 7 years and this is the first time I felt I was able to document how it has been used by people who are dependent on drugs. Most of the photographs from this place have been of street art and graffiti. It is the same place where earlier this year someone cut out a whole hoarding with a Phlegm painting on it. I published photos here: https://postcardcafe.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/vintage-phlegm-stolen-sheffield-may-2013/ (I added the sign for the purposes of the photo opportunity!)
    As a photographer the site has provided me with some wonderful photo opportunities and I have met some interesting people there. It is now time to move on…
    Best wishes, N 🙂

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