No Parking.

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Sheffield City Centre 2013



      1. I put the double yellows to the ultimate test. I parked on them to see if they were as good as the old ones! For a while there was silence. I sensed it was the quiet before the storm. Then came the mighty traffic warden showdown. I held my nerve…. “Oh those yellow lines officer? They must be new. They weren’t there when I pulled up! Yes, I was just leaving…”.

    1. Thank you. I bumped into someone else who was taking photographs in the area but not of yellow lines. We chatted briefly and as we parted I said I better gat back to taking pictures of yellow lines and I think they thought I was a bit mad! Either that or I was a traffic warden who loved their job too much! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I try to make my little sets of 9 images work as a group and to consider how they are laid out. The first image is the one that lands in WordPress Reader so I usually try to make that one and image that might generate some interest. The centre image is usually one around which all the others site quite well and that wouldn’t fit as an edge image. I usually try to find some sort of relationship in images that determines the positions of the others. It might be colour, or shape or sometimes humour!
      I’ve just done a set for Spring 2014 on this blog and the central image looks like it should be in the centre!
      Best wishes, PC πŸ™‚

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