Local Trading Co. Foam & Upholstery Supplies. Sheffield

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For more information about the Local Trading Co click HERE to visit Shop Fronts of Sheffield

A big thank you to Martin Patnick who kindly agreed for me to take these photographs in his wonderful shop.

Local Trading Co, Foam and Upholstery Supplies, 207 London Road, Sheffield, S24LJ

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15 thoughts on “Local Trading Co. Foam & Upholstery Supplies. Sheffield

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    1. Hi Philippa, nice to hear from you. Not really a departure. I have recently started the Shop Fronts of Sheffield blog and I knew of this shop from having bought stuff there in the past. It is caught in a time-warp and has no computer technology. I had been talking to Martin the owner about taking photographs of the shop front for my shop fronts blog and felt I should also seek permission to take some indoor shots. The shop fronts blog used to exist when it was run by someone else. I used to contribute photographs. I got permission from Tom who ran the old site to start it up fresh on wordpress and have registered it as .com as it will be an ongoing project that will take time to build. The shop featured in this post is already on the shop fronts blog along with an earlier well worn shop front from a couple of years ago. Click on the following link (or cut and paste into your browser) if you are interested to see the older shop front: http://shopfrontsofsheffield.com/2013/08/30/local-trading-co-foam-and-upholstery-supplies/ I hope you have had fun on your travels, Best wishes 🙂

      1. Thanks PC. I will keep an eye on shopfronts! Off to Scotland this week and will be in Sheffield for a wedding later in Sept! I’ll be looking for Phlegm n co.

  1. Well done for documenting this fabulous shop. Been buying bits of foam, tablecloth material and stuff from here for decades, and it really is one of the last of its kind in the whole city now. Yet when you look closely, the ambience is entirely in the way they have the stock casually laid out, the home made shelving, bits of vintage lino on the floor, the hand-done notices… impossible to replicate. I guess they’ve got a niche which the chains have ignored and so can keep going.

    1. Yes it’s a wonderful shop. It has been through three generations and while I was there Martins (the present owner) parents walked in so I was able to meet them as well. None of them have a computer which I thought was great. Perhaps it accounts to some extent for how the shop hasn’t been tainted by technology 🙂

    1. Hi C, I have just enjoyed the photo walkabout on the link you included. Great to see a familiar area through the lens of your camera! The Local Trading Company is one of my favourite shop fronts (past and present) and features twice on my new Shop Fronts of Sheffield blog. The link below takes you to the shop front in 2011 and the post after that was taken the same time as the postcard cafe shoot. The shop has been trading through three generations of the same family for over 75 years and may be the oldest established business on London Road. They don’t have a computer 😉
      I noticed on your walkaround your comment about Jarvis! Should I ask more?
      Thanks for your comment and the link, Best wishes… 🙂

      1. They are a rare find – I did upholstery classes for a while and we had inside information from our teachers about such little shops. They’re such a treasure trove.

      2. Sadly these small businesses are becoming a rare thing so this one has done incredibly well to be in business after over 70 years of trading. Cheers, 🙂

  2. I could spend hours in these stores and have in fact ! We still have a couple small stores left in Philadelphia!

    1. Thanks for all your comments. They are appreciated 🙂 This is probably one of my favourite shops although sadly I have little reason to actually buy much from them. Best wishes…

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