Don Valley Stadium 1990 – 2013

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Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield was completed in September 1990 and was closed on 29 September 2013.

After the bright lights of the 2012 Olympics and the promise to inspire a generation, today sees the closure of one of the countries finest athletics stadiums.  Not only is the closure a loss to the world of sport but today people who worked hard for years at Don Valley Stadium have also lost their jobs.  I guess the politics surrounding the closure of the stadium will be debated for years to come.  Today is a sad day for many people in Sheffield.

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  1. Given Don Valley Stadium has been home to so many events, it will be alive in peoples memories… but that’s not the point is it. If the stadium was in Sydney I’d bet money the site would be earmarked for redevelopment into lucrative residential apartments or similar, as happened with our Harold Park Raceway in Glebe, city fringe, so very desirable. And even the local council swimming pool in Blacktown, where the locals have not much in the way of anything, a far more workaday area, but real estate is still king.

    1. I like your that you said it will live in peoples memories which is important to remember but as you also say the closure means a great loss to lots of people, not least those who will now be looking for work! When I was taking the photographs it was easy to see why a development of this nature cost millions to build and how unlikely it is that anything equivalent will be built again which makes the closure even more sad. It will be interesting to watch what happens to the site over the next few years. Thanks for your comments, best wishes 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment. As I was taking the photographs I realised how unlikely it is that we will every have a similar stadium rebuilt in Sheffield. It is a huge awe inspiring stadium that cost millions to build. I assume that the stadium will be left to rot for a few years before it is demolished and the land sold for redevelopment into something less inspiring. It seems like a short sighted decision and one made to cut costs right now without a mind for future generations. 😦

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