Last Day at Castle Market. Volume 1

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On November 23 2013 after more than 50 years Castle Market in Sheffield closed its doors for the last time.  All of the above photographs were taken on the last day of trading.

More about the history of markets in Sheffield HERE

All images ©postcardcafe



    1. I think the markets definitely had a social/community aspect and the many cafes were a big part of that. There were dozens of photographers taking pictures on the final day and I wanted to come up with images that were perhaps a little less obvious but that also conveyed an aspect of markets that will be missed by traders and customers alike. There is a new market opening on the other side of the city centre but many of the traders at Castle Markets have bailed out having been told the rents will be doubled or even trebled! There are mixed feelings about the new market. I spoke to many traders on the last day and some were very optimistic while others were very upset about how the council had treated them and the lack of consultation. I understand that some are “giving it a go” because for the first 6 months it will be rent free so I don’t suppose we will see the full impact of the loss of the old market for another 12 months or so.

    1. Thank you 🙂 There were plenty of photographers at the market on the last day and I wanted to produce some images that came at it from a slightly different angle. Best wishes…

    1. Thank you. I shot the “1970s” style brown tabletop first and felt inspired to take more. It led to some interesting conversations and I think they work well as a set. I’ve some more last day market shots to come so watch this space…. 😉

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