Last Day at Castle Market. Volume 2

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On November 23 2013 after more than 50 years Castle Market in Sheffield closed its doors for the last time.  All of the above photographs were taken on the last day of trading.

One of the stalls in the above gallery is featured HERE in 2010 when things looked a bit brighter!

More about the history of markets in Sheffield HERE

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      1. Yes we had an indoor market close here that was an anchor in my life and many others based on comradeliness and when it closed (for a WALMART) we were all practically in mourning.

        (Good luck finding the plural for comrade : )))))

  1. there is always a quiet contemplation when a shop closes, it either marks the passing of time and will cease to trade, or it has moved on to pastures new. These scnens show how a stark an empty trading post is once then propietor has left, almost desolate.
    hopefully the new market on the moor, will have the most of the original traders’ from castke market and they will thrive as before.

    1. I met and chatted with quite a few traders and sensed very mixed feelings about the move to the Moor. Some were very optimistic and keen to open up at the new site. Some were just”giving it a go” to see how they fare – They are rent free for six months so those who are giving it a go will probably stay for a year before deciding if its worth staying. Others were completely outraged at how the council have handled the whole thing. I know that Simmonite who opened a shop on Division Street will not be going to the new market and are thriving on the high street. Which is great news. The owner of Simmonite was very vocal in the press. His family worked the markets for over 70 years and even so they were told they had to re-apply for the Moor and would be charged twice the rent of Castle Market for less counter space. I spoke to another trader who has decided to make a go of it on the high street because the council wanted to charge 3 times the rent of Castle Market. I guess only time will tell if the Moor is a success. I imagine it will be hard for traders to keep their prices down if they are having to pay high rents and a market is meant to be all about being cheaper.

      1. yes it is a great shame, as the prupose was to revive the moor as it never fully recovered from the bomb hit during the second world war. I must admit, I did not frequent castle market much, a few years back in early days of living in Sheffield. (I sometimes get clostrophobic aorund mass bodies of people, and market places are one othe areas i get this, even the netheredge market and that’s ourdoors), however, that is good that the existing traders find it cheaper to have stores thehigh street, a revival of the high street is needed just as much. market places are soemthing that must never leave our culture, high street and markets run symbiotically. shame the rates are going to be too high, £400 / month (I have heard) is a lot to break even, depending upon what you sell. Angie x

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