Urban Foxes – Phlegm Sheffield 2013

4. Urban Foxes - Phlegm - Sheffield 2013

1. Urban Foxes - Phlegm - Sheffield 2013

2. Urban Foxes - Phlegm - Sheffield 2013

Visit Phlegm HERE and be sure to also visit his shop HERE – YES! You can still buy his wonderful book featuring a handmade cover, embossed and screenprinted by the man himself.    

More Phlegm on Postcard Cafe HERE



    1. Thank you. Yes, you are spot on! The cat is very much part of the first shot and makes me smile. I’ve emailed the owner of the house where the foxes are painted to ask for the cats name so that he can be credited on my blog 😉 Best wishes…

  1. This is a little more like Roa’s work than Phlegm’s more typical work to my mind. I finally saw Phlegm’s newish mural on the Southbank a few weeks ago – I must get round to posting images of it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Phlegm had previously painted on the temporary hoardings to this site and the owner invited him back to paint on the now permanent fence. He gave Phlegm freedom to paint anything of his choosing. I guess there appears to be some similarity because Roa paints animals more literally than Phlegms regular array of characters and creatures. Of course Phlegm and Roa have worked together in London and I’m sure they inspire one another with their wonderful artwork. If you are interested to see the same location with the previous Phlegm artwork here is a link: https://postcardcafe.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/phlegm-big-cat-remix-sheffield/ I will look forward to seeing your shots from the Southbank. Best of seasons wishes, PC 🙂

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