Looking Forward to 2014

Looking Forward to 2014Thank you to everyone who has supported, followed, “liked”, commented on and generally made Postcard Cafe a friendly and rewarding place to share my photographs.  Hello also and a big thank you to all the wordpress bloggers who provide me with daily inspiration through their brilliant work 😉

 Wishing you all a healthy happy new year, best wishes from Postcard Cafe x 

… And here’s the competition!

If you fancy a bit of new year fun then take a look at Little Bits of Sheffield where a different version of the same image appears.  Your challenge should you decide to accept it, is to decide which photograph is the original?  You’ll notice they face different directions! There may be a small prize (well postcards of course!) if anyone can offer their reasoning in an amusing and entertaining way!  Importantly your answer doesn’t have to be correct to win!!! In fact you don’t even have to decide which is the original, you can just provide an upbeat caption for the photograph!!!   No need to rush around  – The competition will run until the end of January.    😉



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