Happy Birthday Postcard Cafe

Flat Four

*Ooops!  I lost track of time!  

However thanks to the wonders of wordpress I was reminded (with a small galss of champagne) that today is the fourth anniversary of Postcard Cafe!  

Yes, four years ago today I headed out on this bloggy trail not knowing where I was going.  Perhaps little has changed in that respect!   What I didn’t know when I started Postcard Cafe is that on this trail I would be inspired by so many creative and generous people from the wordpress community.   Neither did I know the support and encouragement they would give me.  

So, happy birthday me and a big thank you to all who have supported and been part of Postcard Cafe. 

Cheers and best wishes,  PC x 

*[I said I had lost track of time which basically means I hadn’t prepared a celebratory image.  So at the last minute I plucked something symbolic from my archive.  Hence the celebrations are (excuse the pun) a little flat!]





  1. Happy Blog Birthday to You, Nigel. Yours is almost as old as mine. Thank you so much for your support and for sparking my imagination with your wonderful images. It’s been a pleasure.

  2. Congratulations to you PC (N). I echo exactly your comments on the generosity and inspiration of the blogging community to which we both belong. The only thing you mustn’t do is try to work out how many hours you have spent blogging. Just regard is as having been time well spent. It’s good to have your company on our photographic journeys – I’ll raise a glass (later) to you and Year 5.

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