Out of Season No.4

Out of Season No.4



  1. i think it looks out of season around there whatever time of year, the flats themselves help create that look. i don’t fancy getting a wet bum either on that slide…wonderful picture

    1. When you say modern do you mean like something from the 1970s? There was a lot of “modern art” thrown up back then 🙂 Also a lot or rather awful concrete fountains which may also come under the banner of modern art!

      1. Yes, I’m olde enough to think the 1970s was ‘modern’ – not all the art or the buildings from that era were of good or lasting quality though as we well know.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I like your observation and it is interesting to hear the take of someone seeing the image with fresh eyes. The photograph was actually taken in Sheffield at Park Hill flats. I kept the colours pretty muted for that out of season feel. Best wishes 🙂

      1. The colours and the concrete really does it for me. And of course the spiral slide! Many years ago, those things were the best and made a little girl happy. I even have a picture where I´m sliding one with a big smile on my face in Stockholm. Man that was the 80´s.

      2. Park Hill flats are one of the few “listed” (protected) concrete buildings in the UK. If you put Park Hill into the search bar on Postcard Cafe you’ll see other shots of the same flats 😉

      3. That´s a real shame that concrete isn´t valued. Of course all the concrete buildings aren´t that pretty, but they are narrators of a certain time. Recently I´ve started to appreciate these block of houses made of concrete in my home town. There is a set of four of them standing in the center of our little city. The number of floors vary from 9 to 15. They´re tall and brutal but look amazing when the sun sets and hits the windows.
        Thanks for your pictures, well done. 🙂

      4. Thanks I checked Sid´s site and it was great. Thanks for the tip ! And you too have a good weekend.

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