Winter Tree



    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I enjoyed seeing this shot and am pretty happy with how it turned out in B&W. It’s great how the winter season reveals the structure of trees that we don’t see in summer. I was surprised at how closely this tree resembles the structure of a human lung! Thanks again, best wishes, PC 🙂

    1. Thank you. As you probably realise many of my photographs could probably be placed under the banner of “urban”. In 2014 I will be taking more photographs outside of my comfort zone. I saw this tree set against the sky and was surprised by how much it resembled the structure of a lung! It was a nice reminder of how delicate our ecosystems are and how much we humans share with and depend on other lifeforms. I’m not sure everyone will see that in my photograph but I enjoyed having a moment of contemplation 🙂

      1. I’m finding that the great thing about a photo blog is how it encourages you to do things differently. It’s also good to get feedback too! Totally got the lung thing, so I’m glad to hear that’s what you meant in your title! Having not yet bumped into you in town perhaps we will eventually cross paths in the country instead this year!

    1. Yes you are quite right. I ran with the old theme for about three years and thought it was due a make over. The old header image lives on in the “About” page alongside my anniversary Fiat 500s which were gifts from my friend Victoria. While I was at it I changed theme for my Little Bits of Sheffield blog. Thanks for you encouraging comments. Best wishes 🙂

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