Tinsley Sheffield

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    1. Thank you. I was pleased with these too. Like my recent images in the mist these are virtually straight out of the camera using one of the in-camera B&W art effects. I’ve never really bothered with in camera effects but was inspired after seeing some photographs on another blog that I have since subscribed to here: http://28mmf2.wordpress.com/ Rob who runs this site really likes to experiment with photography. Take a look at his post on April 6th where he shows his digital Olympus CSC with an old bellows camera attached with elastic bands! Genius!!!

      1. Thanks for the recommendation – looks like an interesting site. Good stuff. I rely a lot on post editing to compensate for my shoddy camera work, so it’s impressive to see stuff straight out of the camera!

    1. Thanks. I was surprised how these came out. There is no post processing and they are as they were shot. I used an in-camera black and white “art” effect. Not only were they fun to take they turned out pretty well when I put them up on my computer 🙂

  1. Really beautiful, photos. I love that you used only one effect, you always wonder what it took to get great pictures. I’ve always loved photography. But since joining and posting on instagram, and having my own etsy shop learning photography has become big for me!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. It can be difficult to know how someone has produced an image and it is impossible to know if a lot has been done in post processing. Experimenting with in-camera effects is an interesting way to work with different ideas. Some in-camera effects only work well with certain types of subject and some look artificially over-processed so careful subject selection helps. I also used a little bit of in-camera exposure compensation with these but that is something most photographers might use to obtain the right or desired exposure. I fully believe that great photographs can be taken with any camera and it isn’t always necessary to invest a fortune in camera gear. I think as people become more accomplished then the creative options of more expensive cameras can be useful. However I have met a lot of photographers who rarely explore the full potential of their equipment which may have cost them thousands of pounds. Many people with huge expensive DSLR cameras often don’t take their gear out all the time because it is too cumbersome. Having a camera of any kind is only any use if its with you most of the time. Not only can you get those shots you might otherwise miss, having a camera with you also helps you to think photographically more of the time. Most important is that you are familiar with whatever camera you use and not encumbered by the amount of technology and settings. I have downsized from a Nikon DSLR to now using Micro Four Thirds cameras and for me the switch has liberated me creatively. I have a lot more fun with my present gear than I ever did with a hefty DSLR. Arguments about whether Nikon is better than Canon or whether Micro Four Thirds is better than DSLR will no doubt rage on for eternity. Ultimately it’s a personal choice and it’s about finding what works best for you. Good luck with all your photographic endeavours, Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

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