World Snooker Championship Sheffield 2014

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Once a year Sheffield City centre is taken over with the World Snooker Championship.  This year Postcard Cafe visited the Crucible Theatre and the Winter Gardens to capture some of the scenes unseen on TV.  You may of course recognise Steve Davis, John Parrott and Hazel Irvine but these more candid shots were taken with the television cameras switched off.



  1. Excellent pics once again Mr Cafe, I shall be attending the hallowed Crucible myself on Wednesday evening for the last of the quarter finals with Ronnie at the table!

    1. I’m sure you’ll have a great evening. There is such a buzz when the snooker is on and the atmosphere at the Crucible is fantastic. Although I didn’t attend any of the sessions I spoke to quite a few people and they had a great time. I saw Alan McManus depart the Crucible minus his tartan trews and a pair of dark shades – He became invisible as he moved into the crowded street and I think most people wouldn’t have given him a second glance! I’ve really enjoyed watching Neil Robertson play. He is a force to be reckoned with and this year I think he’s been more entertaining to watch than Ronnie – I know that is controversial – Discuss….

      1. I’ve been to watch the snooker there several times but not for many years now, I’m really excited about the whole thing to be honest. I’ve loved McManus’ trousers this year – and Dominic Dale’s shoes! Not sure about Robertson being more entertaining than Ronnie but definitely in with a chance – so is Trump if he keeps up his game. Exciting stuff all round… and once again, great pics Mr C.

  2. Robertson and O’Sullivan would make a great final but I suspect that’s not going to happen. I am enjoying the snooker more this year than last. I don’t really follow snooker the rest of the year so I’m a bit of a lightweight fair-weather fan but then again I bet a lot of people in Sheffield only follow the World Snooker Championship because it’s on their doorstep. I really does bring the city to life and puts Sheffield on the map in a very positive way. What’s final you want to see?

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