Clematis Montana Rubens

Clematis Montana Rubens



    1. Thank you P. Isolating one flower head on the clematis was a tricky business but this one caught my eye. The background is actually a fence which isn’t solid so I had to take it at an angle to avoid any bright light coming through which would have distracted from the flower. It was taken in a friends garden and when she saw the photo she said that one is called Genesis! Apparently she has names for all of her flowers πŸ™‚

      1. You did well to juggle those conditions. At least in painting we can improvise that element! Is that your friend of “boots” fame?

      2. Yes it accounts for why the flower is so close to the edge of the frame πŸ˜‰ Indeed it was in the garden of my “boots” friend and for that you get a gold star πŸ™‚

    1. Yes she is great! She doesn’t like being anywhere other than places of her choosing (webwise) – And for not mentioning her name on the blog you have earned a second gold star!!! Yep, two in the same week! It’s pretty much unheard of πŸ™‚

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