Made in Sheffield – Nick Hunter

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Nick Hunter is a wood carver and artist based in Sheffield.

This gallery of photographs were taken at a recent open studio event at Nicks workshop.  The images are mainly Silverpoint drawings, although I couldn’t help but also include some of his wonderful hand carved birds.

The photographs were shot under available electric light rather than natural light so please do visit Nicks site to see his own photographs of his brilliant wood carvings, silver point drawings and more…

Visit Nicks website HERE

Visit his on-line shop HERE

See more of Nicks work on Postcard Cafe HERE

4 thoughts on “Made in Sheffield – Nick Hunter

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    1. Yes. Nick makes some beautiful things. His woodcarvings are wonderful and his silverpoint art work has to be seen to be believed. It was a treat to photograph his work.

    1. Yes these silverpoint drawings are great. I think they look better in real life. My photographs were taken in the evening under electric light in Nicks workshop so I’m reasonably happy with how they turned out (but conditions were far from ideal). The thing with silverpoint drawings is that unlike pencil, once a mark is made there is no turning back and the mark cannot be erased! When I first learned about silverpoint it made me respect the artists work even more.
      I always enjoy my visits to Nicks workshop. It is filled with such wonderful things.
      Thank you for your comment. Have a great weekend.
      Best wishes, PC 🙂

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