Sheffield Lace Makers

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Sheffield Lace Makers are a friendly group of wonderfully talented lace makers from in and around Sheffield.

Thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome at yesterdays meeting.  It was a privilege, an education and most enjoyable afternoon.

Special thanks to Doreen who invited me along and who was so very patient as I muddled around taking photographs of her lace making.

I will add a link to the Sheffield Lace Makers website as soon as it is up and running…


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    1. A chance meeting with Doreen led to me being invited to the lace makers gathering. I had no idea what to expect. There were about 40 women all making lace. Lots of different patterns, styles, threads and of course thousands of beautiful bobbins! Lace making isn’t a particularly visible activity with most makers working at home. I had no idea there were so many lace makers in Sheffield and it was a joy to meet the makers and see so much of their work. I was introduced to lots of the makers who all made me feel welcome. It was great to see a community of people who weren’t hurried by modern living and who valued lace making as a pastime as much as a craft. I saw no one tweeting or texting and it was very much a social occasion. I’m hoping to go to the next meeting in September…. 🙂
      Maybe you should start to make your dreams a reality and keep an eye out for bobbins and lace making equipment so that when you decide to start you have much of the equipment ready to go – Why wait until you retire…? 😉

    1. Hi Rachel, Thanks for stopping by and for your generous comments. Yes, it was good to meet you too – By the time we spoke on Saturday I was actually quite tired (and had been about to leave). If I make it to the next meeting it would be good to see your work and possibly take some photographs – if you would be happy for me to do so. You mentioned that you are from outside Sheffield so I don’t know if you are a regular at the Sheffield meetings? Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

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