Before The Close of Summer

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      1. Shame, you’ve taken some beauties this year Mr C. All is good at the camp, back still twinges a bit but then skateboarding at my age was never going to be a good idea! Take care.

  1. Squares from you too, Mr Cafe! I like them – they suit the specimens well, and some unusual plants too. Sad that we are going to have to endure the months of winter before colours like this will re-appear.

    1. Im all for squares! You may have noticed that over the last year I’ve been posted little galleries of 9 shots and I like how a group of nine squares works. The challenge is getting nine photographs that work as a group and I spend ages switching them around until the gallery as a set looks nice. I like how wordpress allows you present images this way and also to see the original size and aspect ratio. I hadn’t headed out with the intention of shooting any flowers so I was pleased that I was inspired to take these. My favourite is the first shot. Just after I finished taking these I bumped into Phlegm who was heading out to finish off the Market Traders installation – all in all a good day.

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