24092014 #2

Walking Man 1.  Sheffield 24/09/2014




  1. I like the pose of that ghostly figure – caught mid step so well. And that out of focus vertical line – wisdom would say that it is all wrong, but actually it works, and the image would lose something important without it. I don’t quite know why that is but I think it is because it divides the image into two halves. The left with a figure, the right without.

  2. Thanks Andy. I think you are right about the composition. In an ideal world it would be better without the vertical line but it does bring about some balance to the image. Apart from cropping and a tiny bit of tweaking these are virtually straight out of camera images. The figure is reflected on the surface which contains the vertical so it would have been impossible to take the shots without it. The actual person whose image was reflected is just out of shot so timing was key. I wanted the reflection to be out of the shadow but before the vertical and without the person walking into shot! I enjoyed taking these and like each image for different reasons. Each has a different feel. This one is head up, purposeful and relaxed. The other is head down and more closed to the world. This one was a young person and the other was middle aged and I think the images reveal that, despite being out of focus. I’m not a fan of street photography unless it offers the subject some anonymity. Hence with these I was happy to make a couple of strangers subjects of my photographs. Thanks for your comments. Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

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