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Green Man – painted in Sheffield by Phlegm on 24th November 2014.

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Visit a small gallery of Green Man images taken after dark HERE

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Green Man | Phlegm | Sheffield | 2014

8 thoughts on “Green Man | Phlegm | Sheffield | 2014

  1. This is a truly great piece of artwork from Phlegm, I have no idea how you keep stumbling on these hidden treasures Mr Cafe. Your photographs are just stunning, incredibly evocative and impossibly eerie. You have a rare eye and I’m glad it’s looking into the viewfinder of your camera at just the right times. Very best wishes.

    • Phlegm painted this last week on the outskirts of Sheffield and gave the location on his website. I knew the building from having walked there before. So the treasure of Phlegms artwork was less hidden than many of his previous pieces. He is great at choosing locations that work with his artwork and this is no exception. Thank you for your ever generous comments. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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    • Yes, this was a treat to see. Phlegm no longer lives in Sheffield so a new piece came as a surprise. I know the location fairly well and this painting looks wonderful in its rural setting. There were a few people visiting the site when I took these photographs. His work acts like a magnet pulling in people from across the city to locations which few would normally rarely visit.

      • He has moved to London but he still enjoys his return trips to Sheffield, where we have access to hills and fresh air that London cannot offer in quite the same way 🙂

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