Phlegm | Spider

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    1. There was no one else around while I shot these photographs and so I was able to absorb details of the location without distraction and the bent bracken stems did indeed mirror the spider’s legs and so had to be included in the final nine shots. It was a very grey and dull day without much available light added the fact the painting is in the shadow of the barn it was tricky getting any distance shots of the mural. Once again Phlegm’s painting works incredibly well with his chosen location and was a real treat to see. Best wishes, Mr C

    1. Phlegm has always been great at choosing locations for his “non-commissioned” paintings. He now publishes the locations of his less public works but for years he didn’t and they were considered as hidden. People would travel from around the country in search of his hidden paintings. Many were in locations where no one else would think about painting and some were so off the map that it is a wonder Phlegm even identified the sites for his work! I remember a few years ago he got himself a set of waders so he could do some river-side painting… It is great that his work now circles the globe. He has also just painted another of his characters on a bookshop (in Sheffield) where for many years they were the only place selling his work. I will post a photo once I’m able to get through the snow….

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