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Rare & Racy:  1969 – 2017

After 48 years of trading Rare & Racy finally closed it’s doors on 1 July 2017

Rare & Racy – A rather fine watercolour that captures the character of the shop painted by Victoria Butterell can be seen on her website HERE  Prints of this painting were sold from Rare & Racy until it finally closed it’s doors.  The limited edition print is still available directly from Victoria on the link above.

Inside Rare & Racy Volume I HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Volume II HERE

Rare & Racy – Photo Tribute | Singing The Blues 

Rare & Racy on Shop Fronts of Sheffield HERE


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18 thoughts on “Phlegm | Rare & Racy

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  1. Another fine piece by Phlegm and on a very esteemed building too. I spent most of my formative years in Rare & Racy browsing the racks for vinyl gems. It was indeed my second home. Great photos as ever Mr Cafe, you’ve certainly done the artwork justice. All the best.

    1. Thank you Mr Unsubscriber. I guess you know that sadly Rare & Racy is threatened with demolition, along with the shops either side! It won’t happen for a little while but when it does it will most certainly be the end of an era. Thank you for your generous comments. Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

      1. I did know about the proposed demolition, it’s a crying shame that more of our heritage is to be given over to luxury apartments or the like. R&R has been in that building since the late 60s, shame on Sheffield City Council for planning closure in this way.

    1. Yes this is a wonderful Phlegm painting and one of my favourite small pieces that he has done over the years. One of my all time favourite shop front pieces by him was this one but Rare and Racy is definitely up there. The scale of the painting works so well with the rest of the shopfront and the character of the store. I like the gold lettering in the windows and his signature on the drainpipe is an unusual touch. If at all there is a signature Phlegm usually uses his symbol. This little fella has definitely proved popular. Phlegm has had a longstanding relationship with the shop who were the first people to sell his comics.

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