Advice From The Needleographer

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Made in Sheffield by the worlds first and (at present) only Needleographer

This wonderful book arrived in an envelope marked “Inspired by Lestaret”.  Visit Lestaret HERE



5 thoughts on “Advice From The Needleographer

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Photographs can only get some of the textures, colours and visual experience but as I’m sure you are aware there is a tactile element which photographs cannot convey. It’s a world beyond my own creativity and perhaps that adds to the enjoyment of such a gift. Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

  1. What a stunning piece of art this is Mr Cafe, you must have been thrilled to receive it. Excellent photography as ever too but I take your point from above about the inherent tactility of such a piece being impossible to capture on film. Mr Lestaret sure does inspire some beautiful and unique work doesn’t he?

    1. Yes, it is indeed a wonderful little book. Much of our shared world these days is in a virtual space so getting something real in the post is always a treat. Mr Lestaret is very good at extending his world from the virtual to the physical and both are inspiring to those who know his work. As always, thanks for your comments (I’ll reply to your email later…) Best wishes, Mr C.

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