Remembering a good man

In memory of Paul Griffiths

Today is the funeral of Paul Griffiths

Beyond his close family and wide circle of friends Paul was known to many as a brilliant singer, songwriter and musician.  Kind, generous, loving, thoughtful and funny are some of the words most often used to describe him.  Sadly for Paul, in the words of his family, “the pain of living was greater than the fear of death” and it was with great sadness I learned of his suicide.  Today my thoughts are with his family and friends as they say goodbye.   We will hold dear our memories of Paul and in our hearts he will continue to live with us as a good man.

The video below remembers Paul and his ability to fill a room with energy, music and fun.
Kind words and tributes can be found on the In Memory of Paul Griffiths Facebook Page
Paul’s family have requested rather than sending flowers people make a donation to the Swindon branch of Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide or Missing People

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