Last Coal From Kellingley

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The last remaining deep coal mine in England has today ceased production


  • Read about Kellingley Colliery on Wikipedia HERE
  • The last week at Kellingley Colliery HERE
  • Kellingley closure as reported by the BBC HERE
  • Clocking off for the last time HERE
  • Read about the  1984 – 85 UK Miners Strike HERE

All images featured here are of Kellingley coal. The last to be sold from Sheffield coal merchant Wesley Nicholls


Thank you to Peter and Dennis at Wesley Nicholls Limited for allowing the opportunity to photograph the last of their Kellingley coal



9 thoughts on “Last Coal From Kellingley

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Mr L.
      It is a shame that so many people, young and old have lost the ability to care about their fellow citizens or even the communities they themselves live in. Yesterday was significant not least for the 451 workers who lost their jobs but also as part of our social and economic history. For anyone to be so dismissive about the closure of Kellingley colliery is perhaps a reflection of the sad times in which we live.

    1. Indeed there is an element of historical record to these images. Yesterday was such a significant day for the 451 miners who lost their jobs, their families, their communities and the small businesses who depended on the mine. It is also a significant landmark in the social and economic history of the UK.
      It is sad that while there are still millions of tons of coal to be mined at Kellingley it will be capped off with all the mining machinery and technology left to rot 2km below ground! Meanwhile England continues to import coal from overseas!!! How should the miners or indeed anyone make sense of it all?
      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. Best wishes, Mr C

      1. WHAT? I know planet earth needs to replace coal with greener sources of energy, BUT, not at the cost of local & national livelihoods.
        Our Global Village is run by crooks. They can call it & say what they want, but we see their greed. B%*t%r@s.
        The mines should be shut down when the source is no longer needed.
        Meanwhile, back in Canada, we wear the Tar Pits Oil yoke of horror. Our new Prime Minister is young & idealistic. I have a great hope stored in him!

    1. Thank you.
      I thought it was important to mark such a significant day and went out not knowing if I would even find any Kellingley coal!
      I had only a small pile of coal to work with so I was happy with the shots I got. I don’t suppose I will ever again have the opportunity to take pictures of coal from Kellingley or any other deep coal mine in England. That in itself is an astonishing thought….
      Best wishes, Mr C

  1. A very successful rendering of coal as Art with a capital ‘A’. Well done and a worthy testament to the colliery and the miners who risked so much to bring this precious commodity to the surface.

    1. Thank you for your generous comment. I thought a significant day in the history of this country should be marked in some way and this was most likely the last chance I might get of taking a photograph of coal from Kellingley.
      I hope you are having a good Christmas in your new home. Best wishes, Mr Cafe

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