Sheffield Central Library


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  1. Excellent shots as always Mr C, you are nothing short of an artist in b&w photography! Hope you’re keeping well, we must arrange another meeting sometime soon.

    1. Thank you for your generous comment.
      I enjoyed taking these after visiting the Bridget Riley exhibition at he Graves Gallery. Worth a visit, particularly if you enjoy getting your eyes bent!!! Below is a link to the exhibition details.
      I first saw her work on the cover of a Faust album!
      See you soon,
      Best wishes
      Mr C. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the info Mr C, I shall most definitely pay the museum a visit to see Bridget Riley’s work for myself. I was unaware that she did the artwork for a Faust LP, they’re one of my favourite German bands of the seventies. Best wishes to you too my friend.

      2. I’m very familiar with that one Mr C, it was the very first of their albums I bought over thirty years ago from Rare & Racy. I still play it to this day too! I shall most certainly be paying the museum a visit to see more, you have whetted my appetite once again Mr C – many thanks.

    1. Thank you. As you may have seen from my earlier replies I had gone to see the Bridget Riley exhibition and upon leaving was inspired to capture a few shots in the stairwell.
      Good to see that you have returned to the land of wordpress blogging. I will continue to look forward to your posts. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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