Steve Claydon | Moore Street Substation

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Moore Street Electricity Substation | Sheffield

Infra-idol Assembly by Steven Claydon | Installation at Moore Street Substation

Part of Art Sheffield 2016



  1. an outstanding recycling of a car park for art and culture ! Every car park should give a floor to artists for installations, play, music, street art … Many thanks, Postcardcafe !

    1. Thanks again for your comments. I couldn’t agree more about arts in car parks. The building that these images are taken from is actually an electrical substation near the city centre. The top deck is one huge cavernous room and was never used for electrical gear. The floors below were not accessible to the public although the whole substation was shut down for maintenance and the city wide art exhibition was timed for this period in order that they could utilise the upper floor for art! They also had other interesting venues which you may have seen in previous posts. Have a great evening, Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

    1. Thank you. The first one became one of my favourite shots of the artwork. The lighting is just wall lighting from the substation but the effect is quite dramatic. I like the shift from concrete to brick of the wall. The steel frame and plate are wired up to serve as a huge reverb plate for the sound installation – it is why a blue light is visible in the lower left of the steel frame. As you can probably imagine the projector shot was a tricky one so I was quite pleased with how it turned out.
      There would be no reason that anyone should know but the screen with the grid and multi colours only happen for a split second as the film looped round to the start so capturing those was also something of a challenge but well worth the effort. Of the coloured screen photos I like the image with the coloured screen revealing the projector in silhouette. I visited the substation quite a few times to acquire all the shots in the mini gallery series. You probably realised this from the window view shots where there are bright blue skies and also rainy shots.
      Your comments are always welcome so thanks for taking the time. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

  2. I love this building. Especially when lit up at night. I have yet to venture inside. I always seem to be away when things are on . The series of pictures you have captured brilliantly

    1. Hi Ange,
      I remember enjoying your pic of the substation at night and have just returned to take another look. I had forgotten you did the little bit of photoshop on the billboard. Its a great shot.
      During the time it was open to the public I made several return trips to take full advantage of all the wonderful photo opportunities at the susstation – hence the series of mini galleries. There is another set yet to be posted (hopefully over the weekend). They are B&W but there are a few surprises…! 🙂
      Thank you for your encouraging and generous comments.
      Best wishes, Mr C

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