Park Hill Flats | 5 August 2016

Park Hill Flats | Sheffield | 5 August 2016 | © Postcard Cafe (sdscf0861e)

Photograph taken using hand held motion blur  |  5 August 2016



    1. Hi David, Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment. I enjoyed shooting the motion blur images. To anyone watching it probably looks quite odd but it is a lot of fun experimenting. Some subjects which at first you think will work turn out terrible and others which might be less likely subjects turn out to be the most interesting.
      As you can tell I try to get the motion in one plane which keeps the image looking clean and intentional.
      There are another two motion blur images to go up. Tomorrow’s is rather more abstract but appealed to me. The one coming up on Saturday was a real revalation and the subject is transformed into what could be a very different environment. I’ll say no more than that because I think it is good for the viewer to project their own interpretation on an image. The one on Saturday was shot while rotating the camera on the axis of the lens! Trickier than you might think…!
      Might we see some motion blur images on your site?
      Best wishes
      Mr Cafe 🙂

      1. I do use motion blur in a traditional landscape way with moving water and I’ve also experimented with motion blur using camera movement. For example,

        The first was taken on the road down to Grindleford Station with the intention of trying to create an ‘Impressionistic’ effect, and the second taken in Doncaster. I agree that keeping the plane of movement in line with the subject matter seems to work best. Looking forward to seeing more of your urban-take on intentional camera movement, very creative. David

      2. Hi David,
        The images on those two links are wonderful. I like both trees in the first link and I like the way you have illustrated how very different two images from the same landscape can look with a bit of creative thinking. The steady image just has great colours and composition while the one with camera movement is a revelation and a treat to the eyes.
        I like the birch trees on the second link and recognised them instantly without needing to read that they were birch. I enjoyed reading about how and why you tweaked the image – to good effect.
        I like the amount of care that goes into your photography and it appears you have a good depth of knowledge about things photographic.
        I’ve been referring to my images as hand held motion blur but perhaps I should be referring to them as ‘intentional camera movement’ images to differentiate and remove confusion from motion blur effects created through use of slow shutter speeds on moving subjecs from a fixed position?
        Anyway I appreciated the links to your images and will keep an eye on your future posts…
        Best wishes
        Mr C 🙂

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