Phlegm | Silhouette


Work in Progress | Phlegm on Snuff Mill Lane | Sheffield 26 October 2016 | Silhouette | © Postcard Cafe (sp1000509ebw)

Work in progress

Snuff Mill Lane | Sheffield | October 2016

Phlegm was invited to Sheffield this week with 15 other local and international artists as part of the Feature Walls mural event

In 2010 Phlegm’s artwork was also seen further along Ecclesall Road | HERE | Unfortunately the artwork had only a short life and few people were able to appreciate it. The location has since been redeveloped as flats.

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    1. It was a wonderful surprise to see Phlegm painting in Sheffield again. He no longer lives in Sheffield and spends a great deal of his time painting around the world. His work is a joy to see. There are a few close up shots of the mural on Little Bits of Sheffield and I’ve a couple more shots to go up o this site 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.
      Best wishes
      Mr C

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