Autumn | 2016

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    1. Hi Martin,
      Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. I always appreciate constructive comments. I’ve started to use exposure compensation a bit more and tweaking the exposure when shooting is my preferred option. I try to shoot the image I want rather than relying too much on post processing.
      Getting exposure spot on for each shot is tricky but I guess taking different exposures of the same subject or bracketing can help refine an image. Upping the exposure can sometimes enhance the highlights but also might consequently ease out some of the finer detail.
      I try to learn a little every time I’m out with my camera. Hearing different perspectives on the blog add to the experience.
      Mr C

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed taking these. I shot the wasp from a very low angle in order to capture some of the autumn colours in the top of the frame. The wasp was actually sat on a bench! I guess if you are going to take a breather then even as wasp a bench is a good place to rest and to take in the view 🙂
      Mr C

    1. Thank you. I was pleased with the first image. The depth of field is very shallow. More than I thought it should be given that I was shooting these with a ‘walkabout’ zoom lens. The second from last appeals to me also. The plant was very flat and it immediately struck me as I saw it. At first glance it almost appeared as if someone had stuck the leaves on a twig! I liked how the flatness of the plant offered an uncomplicated way of capturing the turning leaves. Thanks for taking time to leave your comments. Have a great weekend, best wishes, Mr C

  1. I like the muted colours in this gallery. I tend to shoot images that are bright myself – often shooting into the light to get the vibrant colours of translucent leaves. But the last few days here have seen early morning mists and subdued colours and those tones are more suited to Autumn which is often misty. So it’s mice to see a gallery that echoes those days.

    1. Thank you. The mini gallery has many of the wonderful colours of Autumn and as you say the palette is slightly muted. The day was quite bright with moments of sunshine although the subjects that captured my eye tended not to be in more shady locations. They were taken in the Botanical Gardens with lots of tall trees so there was plenty of shade! The more shady muted colours are closer perhaps to what we see most days as the leaves fall although a lot of photographs often try to capture those glorious colours we get of autumnal panoramas of woodland. The top middle image was shot towards the light but I found it difficult to capture the delicate colours of the leaf that my eyes saw. The tired wasp also seemed to fit in with the autumnal colours and was symbolic of the changing seasons.
      I’ve not been out on any misty mornings. I do enjoy taking photographs of misty scenes. There is a quiet and stillness that appears to happen with mist and fog. Perhaps sound doesn’t carry so well or maybe it’s just my imagination! Anyway the perceived quiet brings about a different sense of place and focus and I find myself observing differently.
      I hope you are making the most of this interesting time of year.
      Have a great weekend.
      Best wishes
      Mr C

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