Phlegm | Sheffield 2016

Phlegm | Snuff Mill Lane Sheffield | 24 October 2016 | © Postcard Cafe  (sp1000482ebw)

Photograph taken on Snuff Mill Lane | 24 October 2016

A big thank you to Phlegm and Chris Saunders

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    1. His work is always a joy to see. He no longer lives in Sheffield and spends most of his days painting all over the world! It was a real treat for him to pop up in Sheffield as part of the Feature Walls event. It meant that along with Phlegm we were treated to 15 other new murals by local and international artists. Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes, Mr Cafe

  1. I was happy with how this one turned out. I must also give credit to Phlegm and Chris Saunders for it was Chris who arranged with Phlegm to get a “portrait” shot as part of the Feature Walls event. Phlegm really doesn’t like having his face photographed. Mainly because when people Google his name he wants his artwork to pop up and not his face. It is one of the reasons why in the other shots on Postcard Cafe where Phlegm is included in the image that I have blurred the movement or included the back of his head. And yes I really love the mural. Another gift from the artist to the city of Sheffield.

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