Blindfold | Sculpture by Dan in the River Don | Sheffield | November 2016 | © Postcard Cafe  (sp1000921)

River sculpture by Dan

Dan has created a number of sculptures in the River Don in Sheffield.  They are all made from materials found in the river.  All are free-standing and as the water levels rise during the winter months most will be returned to the river bed.



    1. Indeed.
      I met the sculptor last Sunday. I chatted to him about the fact I enjoyed that they were all free-standing and temporary. That the materials will return to the river from where they were found. They become part of a cycle which to me is completed on the materials being reclaimed by the river.
      Artworks that are more permanent can become familiar and might lose some of their magic.
      His work is a catalyst to so many things which I’m not sure he had considered when he started building the sculptures. People pausing by the river to ponder his work will also perhaps hear the river differently. They might engage in conversation with strangers who they might pass every day without any words being exchanged. They may simply enjoy the spectacle and may enjoy the rest of their day uplifted by seeing some river sculptures. Some may be inspired to create their own art or write their own words. Photographers like me are presented with the challenge of trying to capture structures before they are washed away.
      Perhaps some people will share what they have seen in conversation or by returning with friends. The possibilities created by one persons art are more than the ones noted above. I like that art has the power to build bridges between people.
      When I spoke with Dan he was surprised that some of his sculptures hadn’t already been washed away. He was happy to see that his building skills were improving in what is a challenging environment for an artist. He said that he would prefer if some of them were more permanent. I think this is because his artwork is a response to atrocities, social and political unrest and peoples indifference to such matters. To him, his words, which he places on signs are an important part of what he wants to say through his art. For both his words and sculptures to be more permanent will allow his works and the messages he wishes to convey to be seen by more people.
      I think his sculptures work on many levels and is why they can be many things to people who see them.
      The names I have given to the sculptures in my photographs are made up by me. They are based on my first thoughts, contemplation and also conversations with Dan. I called this one Blindfold after Dan mentioned the string on the ‘head’ of the sculpture is symbolic of a blindfold.
      It is one of the photographs he has included alongside his words on one of his signs:
      Thank you for stopping by and for taking time to leave your comments.
      Have a great weekend,
      Best wishes
      Mr Cafe 🙂

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