Safe From Harm

Safe From Harm | Sculpture by Dan in the River Don | Sheffield | November 2016 | © Postcard Cafe  (sp1000784e)

River sculpture by Dan

Dan has created a number of sculptures in the River Don in Sheffield.  They are all made from materials found in the river.  All are free-standing and as the water levels rise during the winter months most will be returned to the river bed.

See more of Dan’s sculptures HERE

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    1. Hi Dan, I enjoyed seeing your work and it was great to meet you. I’m pleased you like my photographs of your work. Your sculptures have given me and hundreds of others much pleasure and food for thought. I visited the sculptures the following week and a couple had been damaged by the rising river. The sculpture that I called Contemplation had been washed away entirely. I am pleased to have captured some of the sculptures before the recent heavy rains which I’m sure will have reclaimed many of the others. Do keep in touch. You can use the contact page on this site if you wish to drop me a private message. As I mentioned before I would be happy to take photographs of any new work you do 🙂 Best wishes, Mr Cafe

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