Natures Little Helpers #2

Bracket Fungi | Sheffield | 2016 | © Postcard Cafe  (sp1010100e)

Might these be Turkey Tail fungi?  They look more woody than many I can find online! If anyone can identify them please leave a comment below and I will credit them by name. Until then they will be known as natures little helpers.

More about how wonderful fungi are, on Trees For Life HERE 

A diary date for people who have access to BBC or BBC iPlayer 7th JanuaryThe Magic of Mushrooms.  Possibly one of the best programmes about fungi – Details HERE



    1. Thanks. I ran the pics by him before posting them and he couldn’t be sure. If I had taken a few more shots from different angles I might have made his job easier. Have a great 2017, Best wishes Mr Cafe 🙂

    1. The programme explores many types of fungi through their lifecycle. It is really well put together with an enthusiastic and likeable presenter. Some of the photography is extraordinary. I think most people who watch the programme will see fungi in a whole new light. Before watching the programme I for one didn’t fully understand quite how important fungi are. It is a rewarding way to spend an hour on Saturday evening (or another time if it lands on the iPlayer although I have missed some programmes when they aren’t uploaded to iPlayer!). Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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