New Year…

Fountain Wishes | Sheaf Square | Sheffield 2017 | © Postcard Cafe  (sp1010215e)

Fountain | Sheaf Square | Sheffield | 2 January 2017

I spotted the bottle floating in the fountain and thought it would make an interesting first post for the new year.  Evidence that someone was out partying or maybe drowning their sorrows on New Years eve.  Along with the occasional bottle people traditionally make a wish as they throw a coin into the fountain.  The reflections from the bright sunlight meant I only saw the house key once the image was up on my computer.  A separate photo taken at the same time revealed a car key!  Beyond the bottles, coins and peoples wishes I think this fountain holds a few interesting tales and maybe even a few secrets never to be shared…


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  1. An image that really captures New Year’s Eve so well. Starry-eyed and the inevitable bottle and the lost key. Did you use a filter to create the starbursts or was this just the way your lens projected them?

    1. I felt that the photo conveyed a few stories from New Years eve. My camera has a digital starburst effect filter in one of it’s artistic modes. It’s not perfect and isn’t terribly predictable but it seemed appropriate for the shot. I tend not to dip into the digital filter modes much but occasionally it’s fun to see how things might look. I find it is easy to overlook some features on my camera and need to remind myself that it has some fancy features. I do like shooting in black and white and its a feature of digital cameras that I enjoy. Actually previewing the shot in black and white is a luxury not afforded back in the days of Ilford FP4! Have a great weekend, Mr C 🙂

  2. Hi

    I love your use of B&W something I am trying more since our current cameras allow us so many options, but I have to say I am really impressed with this photo. The light and the reflections are great and the colour of the bottle is perfect for the water in the background.

    All the best

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