(There’s a) Cloud Over Liverpool


Listen to (There’s a) Cloud Over Liverpool by The Teenage Filmstars:  HERE

The title of this image is taken from a song by the Teenage Filmstars.  A long forgotten lo-fi epic with some rather splendid whistling, a stylophone solo and a surprise reprise!  You may be tempted to stop listening as the song comes to an end but hold tight and weather the stormy reprise.  At nearly 6 minutes long this could well be the Bohemian Rhapsody of post punk DIY.  

The photograph was taken in Sheffield 28 January 2017


5 thoughts on “(There’s a) Cloud Over Liverpool

Add yours

    1. Thank you. I deliberately went out in the rain with my camera hoping I would get some interesting shots on what was a rather grey morning. This is the first in a series of images which will go up on Postcard Cafe this week. All variations on a theme. I enjoyed capturing simple abstract images that individually all have quite different qualities. Thanks for taking time to leave your comment. Best wishes, Mr C

      1. I look forward to seeing the rest of the series! Looks as if rain will be a big feature in the weather this week – lots of potential photo ops.

      2. Yes indeed. Not everyone thinks to take their camera out in bad weather. I see grey days as an opportunity to seek photo opportunities which might be more of a challenge. The weather really does have an affect on how and what we see in our worlds. Often in pouring rain we put our heads down as we walk from A to B. Having a camera with me slows me down and helps to keep me aware of my environment and photo opportunities.
        Keeping my camera dry is usually the first big challenge!
        Whatever the weather, have a great week,
        Best wishes
        Mr C 🙂

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