1. Magnolia | Spring 2017

2. Magnolia | Spring 2017 | Sheffield Botanical Gardens | © Postcard Cafe



    1. Thank you. My computer was boxed up while I had my home turned into a building site! I missed being able to keep up with your posts and am presently taking some time to catch up with a few of the sites I follow. (However – Taking a break from the internet is never a bad thing 🙂
      Magnolia seem to flower quickly and the flowers don’t last very long so catching them before they have fully bloomed was a real treat. While taking these shots several people also paused to join me in enjoy the beautiful flower buds. It was great to see people gravitate to the trees.
      Here we caught the tail end of the storm that gave you the bad weather but by the time it hit us it was wind and rain. Snow this time of year probably isn’t much fun! I hope spring arrives soon.
      Very best wishes, Mr C 🙂

  1. That’s an excellent close-up of a Magnolia bud with its mousey casing! I was also photographing Magnolias yesterday whilst visiting a botanic garden in Hampshire. Magnolia trees have such beautiful blousey flowers!

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