Phlegm | Postage Stamp

1. Phlegm Postage Stamp 2017 | © Postcard Cafe | SDSCF1408 1e

2. Phlegm Postage Stamp 2017 | © Postcard Cafe | SP1020941E

3. Phlegm Postage Stamp 2017 | © Postcard Cafe | SP1020941E 2

Alan of Rare & Racy in Sheffield invited me to photograph a new miniature artwork by Phlegm.  As a friend Alan has known Phlegm for many years and Rare and Racy were the first shop to sell his work.   The building in which the shop is located has over the years also featured several of Phlegm’s murals.  The most recent of which was painted last week above the shop sign and can be seen here

Phlegm has painted the miniature artwork featured in these photographs with the aid of a magnifying glass.  The last photograph shows how incredibly detailed the painting is.  I suspect very few people will ever get to hold and see the wonder of this special piece of art.  I felt privileged to see it in the flesh and like most works of art it looks so much better than in my photographs.  I have for many years been a fan of Phlegms incredible work.  From his comics, prints, paintings, huge wall murals and three dimensional installations his work continues to amaze and inspire me.

These images were shot under ambient shop lighting at Rare & Racy on their final day of trading.  The shop was very busy and I did my best not to get in the way.  I found a quiet corner behind the counter and took a number of images using different backgrounds.  Once I had shot the stamp using the Rare & Racy address labels it was obvious that it had to be the main image for this blog post.

A big thank you to Allen for thinking to invite me to see the stamp and for taking time out on his last day of business.  A kindness I will remember and another fond memory of my time at Rare & Racy from over the years.

Sadly after 48 years of trading Rare and Racy closed their doors on Saturday 1st July 2017.

Rare and Racy shop images featuring Phlegms artwork here on Postcard Cafe

Rare and Racy tribute photo here on Little Bits of Sheffield

Phlegms last gift to Rare and Racy here

More Phlegm artwork on Postcard Cafe here

Another of Phlegm’s fish caught HERE by Arty Ange




  1. It is a shame about rare and racy. Interesting to have phlegms work immortalised. As it happens I believe I have spotted phlegms work in Cayton bay near Filey. I will blog about it soon. Take care.

    1. It is a shame about Rare & Racy. It will be missed by many. While I was there I also took some shots of the Rare & Racy team outside the shop and a couple of some of them with Jarvis Cocker when he popped in to pay his respects and to buy a few things. I’ve just sent the images over to them as a momento of their last day. Despite it being their last day there was a really positive feel to the day because so many people turned out and it became very much a social occasion. I think they still have lots of work to do to clear the remaining stock and I think they must be out by the end of the month. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next on the site…!

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