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This is the third volume in a series of images taken inside Rare & Racy during 2016/17. See below for links to other Rare & Racy images.

Sadly after 48 years of trading the shop closed their doors for the last time on Saturday 1st July 2017.  Thank you to Allen and all at Rare & Racy for allowing me to shoot these photographs.

Inside Rare & Racy Vol I  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol II  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol IV  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol V  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol VI  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol VII  HERE

Rare & Racy shop front  HERE

The Rare & Racy website is  HERE


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  1. What a nice idea; all too often indie shops which have been part of a city’s culture and infrastructure just disappear without notice, so it’s great that you took the time to do this. Be great to have a Rare & Racy event of some sort once a year to mark the history, maybe a book fair on the green? Though no doubt the council would do their best to block this as they do any such enterprise.

    1. I took most of the photos in this series last year and a few from the last day of trading. It was kind and trusting of Allen and all at Rare & Racy to allow me to take the photos. I sent them a batch of images which they intended to use on their website but for some reason they were unable to upload them.
      The demise of small businesses like Rare & Racy is one of the prices we all pay as a hidden cost on our internet purchases. It is very sad and I guess we are unlikely to see the likes of Rare & Racy thrive again in Sheffield or many other cities.

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