Cranked Up Really High

Johnny | Cranked Up Really High | © Postcard Cafe 2017 | SP1010457E B&W

Cranked Up Really High | Johnny playing his loud punk guitar with Park Hill flats in the distance. Click HERE to see the colour versions of Johnny which were posted back in March

The title for this photograph is borrowed from one of my favourite punk singles by Slaughter and The Dogs.  It was released 40 years before Johnny strummed his guitar in Sheffield city centre.  In under three minutes it is as epic as any record ever needs to be and back then had enough energy to power a small town.  Should you wish to hear a wonderful slice of classic UK punk vinyl from 1977 Manchester click HERE

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    1. Thank you. I chatted briefly to Johnny the guitarist and gave him my email address so he could get in touch for me to send him copies of the images. He never got in touch, which is a shame because I think he would have enjoyed seeing them.

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