12 From 2018

Cutting Edge Sculpture and Showroom Cinema Sheffield | © Postcard Cafe 2018 | SP1000113E



3. Armistice Centenary | 11 November 2018 | © Postcard Cafe | SP1060425EB&W



3. EON Biomass Power Plant | Blackburn Meadows Sheffield | 2018 | © Postcard Cafe | SP1070436E



2. Muzen Voyager 2 | Destination Sheffield | Volume 1 | © Postcard Cafe 2018 | SP1060623E



2. Dam House | © Postcard Cafe 2018 | SP1060221E



1. Powder Puff Tree | Calliandra Haematocephala | © Postcard Cafe 2018 | SP1050949E



2. Peter Kennard | Art Against War | Millenium Gallery Sheffield 2018 | © Postcard Cafe | SP1050735E



1. Mural by Pawski | Sheffield 2018 | © Postcard Cafe | SP1050373E



50% | Number 3 | Piano Stool | © Postcard Cafe 2018 | SP1040697E



1. Signs of Spring 2018 | © Postcard Cafe | SP1040403



You Make My Dreams Come True | © Postcard Cafe | 2018 | SDSC00098E



Women of Steel | Barkers Pool Sheffield | 7 January 2018 | © P o s t c a r d  C a f e | SP1030967E


A big thank you to all the people who take the time to follow Postcard Cafe.  Thanks too for all the comments and encouragement through 2018.  Wishing you all a very healthy, happy new year…

Mr C.


8 thoughts on “12 From 2018

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  1. Thanks Mr C. and all the same to you. Just hope that events beyond our individual control, e.g., Brexit in England and Trumpism across the pond, won’t muck everything up.

    1. Yes you are quite right. There are a lot of factors over which we have little or no control which could definitely muck things up. It must be very strange (to say the least) to be facing another year under Trump. Theresa May said people of the UK should pull together! That’s just fine coming from a political party that has taken more measures to divide a nation than any before! It’ll be an interesting 2019 on both sides of the pond. We can continue to keep international relations positive by sharing our work via the gift of WordPress 🙂
      Best wishes for a creative new year
      Mr C

  2. Happy new year. A great selection. I like the Blackburn Meadows energy plant through the fence. It caught fire a couple of months back. Ironic considering it is wood burning power plant.

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