Sheffield S1 | Glossop Road

Sheffield S1 | Glossop Road | © Postcard Cafe | sp1000154

Sheffield S1 | Glossop Road (B6547)

This view of Glossop Road looking west towards Broomhill features on the left hand side Glossop Road Baths.  The original building dates back to 1836, and was built as a medical facility rather than swimming baths, at the height of the Cholera epidemic in which 402 Sheffield people died.  Before the baths were built people were obliged to immerse themselves in the River Don, which was becoming increasingly polluted. The Sheffield Bath Company Ltd was formed in 1875 and purchased the public baths for £2,500. This coincided with the rise in popularity in bathing and marked a change of emphasis from medical to recreational use. (Thanks to Spa1877 for the brief history of Glossop Rad Baths)

The tram tracks are those of the Sheffield Supertram and from here they head out of the city centre to Middlewood and Malin Bridge.  This section was first opened in 1995.

Supertram tram stop photograph on Postcard Cafe HERE

ABOUT SHEFFIELD S1:   A series of photographs of Sheffield city centre streets empty of people*, cars and traffic.  Click the links below to view other images in the Sheffield S1 series:

Norfolk Street

Sheffield Railway Station

Commercial Street

Division Street

Pond Street

Arundel Gate

West Street


High Street

Tudor Square

Sheffield Interchange

Arundel Gate (Looking North)

*No pedestrians were harmed in the taking of these photographs


16 thoughts on “Sheffield S1 | Glossop Road

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    1. I decided to run a whole series of shots of city centre streets empty of people and traffic. Not easy in a city of over half a million people! It was great taking the photographs and I’ve really enjoyed putting the series together. I’ve added pieces of Sheffield history to each image because it seemed that in the absence of city life the emptiness of the photos calls upon history more so than a busy street scene.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

      1. No these shots were taken when the streets were empty! ND filters are a good way to lose people if thee aren’t too many people around but I wanted to capture an atmosphere of almost a ghost town! I also enjoyed being the only person walking empty streets with my camera free from the normal noise and hustle and bustle of the city centre. These streets are so very familiar to me and yet take on an entirely different atmosphere when empty.

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