Sheffield S1 | Haymarket

Sheffield S1 | Haymarket | © Postcard Cafe 2019 | SP1000180

Sheffield S1 | Haymarket

Photograph taken looking north along Haymaket towards Lady’s Bridge and The Wicker.

The name Haymarket dates from about 1830, when the then Duke of Norfolk made one of his family’s several unsuccessful attempts to establish a hay and corn market in the town. The old name of Haymarket was Bull Stake. Here, certainly, a bull was tied, and it is only too true that the animal may at times have been cruelly baited; but the stake had also a milder function – here the town bull may have stood for hire in the proper season as a sire.

Number 2 Haymarket on the right of this photograph is a grade two listed building.  Built in 1871 to serve as Sheffield’s head post office.  It had also been intended to house the local branch of the inland revenue but was found to be inadequate and within a year it moved to Norfolk Street. In 1910 the post office moved from here to it’s new location on Fitzalan Square.  The building was then occupied by the Sheffield Stock Exchange up until 1967.  In the 1970’s the building became a branch of the Yorkshire Bank and it remained so until 2014. As of 2017 the building remains unoccupied.

Through much of the 20th century up until the 60’s Haymarket was included in the extensive original tram network (not the present Supertram) and is included in a 5 five minute film of a tram ride through Sheffield from 1902.  The film can be viewed HERE

ABOUT SHEFFIELD S1:   A series of photographs of Sheffield city centre streets empty of people*, cars and traffic.  Click the links below to view other images in the series:

Norfolk Street

Sheffield Railway Station

Glossop Road

Commercial Street

Division Street

Pond Street

Arundel Gate

West Street

High Street

Tudor Square

Sheffield Interchange

Arundel Gate (Looking North)

*No pedestrians were harmed in the taking of these photographs

16 thoughts on “Sheffield S1 | Haymarket

Add yours

    1. Thank you for your kind comments.
      It’s interesting to see how city streets look once you take away the people and traffic. I thought about posting just the photographs but once people no longer feature in the picture all you are left with is history, so each image is accompanied by a little of that history.
      I’ve a few more images to post and I may take some more but as you can imagine, completely empty streets are not so easy to come by…
      Have a great day, best wishes, Mr C 🙂

  1. great video of the tram journey. the ride up the moore t the town hall was quite magical as the clock tower appears through the fog. Some great shots you have taken of Sheffield – did you empty the streets?? 🙂

    1. The video is a real treat and I was pleased to chance upon it. I’m glad you enjoyed it too.
      Emptying the streets of the city centre was easy. I simply announced that I wanted to talk about Brexit…! 🙂
      Have a great weekend
      Mr C

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