Sheffield S1 | Sheffield Interchange

Sheffield S1 | Sheffield Interchange | © Postcard Cafe 2019 | SP1000259

Sheffield S1 | Sheffield Interchange

Below are a few images of Sheffield Interchange taken earlier by Postcard Cafe


2. Sheffield Interchange | © Postcard Cafe



3. Sheffield Interchange | © Postcard Cafe



4.. Sheffield Interchange | © Postcard Cafe



1. Sheffield Interchange | Bill Drummond Score | © Postcard Cafe

The last image features the ‘Get on a Bus’ Score by Bill Drummond, installed at Sheffield interchange as part of his Ragworts Exhibition in 2012. The original post with further links to other Bill Drummond related images can be found HERE

ABOUT SHEFFIELD S1:   A series of photographs of Sheffield city centre streets empty of people*, cars and traffic.  Click the links below to view other images in the series:

Norfolk Street

Sheffield Railway Station

Glossop Road

Commercial Street

Division Street

Pond Street

Arundel Gate

West Street


High Street

Tudor Square

Arundel Gate (Looking North)

*No pedestrians were harmed in the taking of these photographs



13 thoughts on “Sheffield S1 | Sheffield Interchange

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  1. Yes, indeed there are people in the additional images 🙂
    With previous posts I’ve added a bit of history or something interesting about the image. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything interesting to say about Sheffield Interchange! Instead I published some earlier images which are populated with people and are perhaps evidence that Sheffield does have people!!!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Best wishes
    Mr C

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