School Climate Strike | Sheffield

Youth Strike 4 Climate Sheffield 20 September 2019 | © Postcard Cafe | SDSCF0555E

Global Climate Strike | Sheffield

Today in an internationally co-ordinated school strike, inspired by Greta Thunberg, saw millions of school children take to the streets.  In Sheffield the march through the city centre and the subsequent rally in Barkers Pool was led by school children.  Thousands of people joined the march, which was supported by parents, grand parents, university students, trade unions and anyone wishing to raise there voice about climate change.

At the rally the school children had four adult guest speakers but most impressive were the children, who were brave enough to stand up in front of thousands of people.  They were spirited, angry, passionate, articulate, succinct, inspiring and quite brilliant.   Any grown ups attending would have found it hard not to be moved by what the young people had to say.

Congratulations to all who took part in what I think is one of the biggest demonstrations I’ve ever seen in Sheffield.  Lets hope their voices are heard and acted upon…

(I have more images from the march and the rally. They will follow over the next few days but I wanted to post at least one shot on such a momentous day of action.)

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    1. Lets hope our young people can take inspiration from the numbers of people involved in the global protest. Hearing them talk at the rally was powerful heartfelt stuff. It’s going to be a difficult task to influence the likes of Trump but young people have energy, enthusiasm, passion and are inventive and creative in how they work through difficult problems. Yesterday they planted the seeds of hope… 🙂

  1. Yes, let’s hope they’re heard, though I’m dubious about the commitment of some governments. There is also the great lack of imagination often shown in the OK – I think I heard of one LA granting kids ONE day off school a year to demonstrate, and of rants that losing school time by going on these demonstrations will ruin their educations – wowee!!!!

    1. It was so telling that I didn’t hear one politician properly celebrate or find it in themselves to endorse the worlds biggest ever demonstration! Their reluctance to support the young people only served to reflect what they are up against. I’ve just posted some more images from the demonstration which I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂
      Best wishes from a rainy Sheffield…

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