Climate Strike | Sheffield

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The international demonstration for climate action held on 20th September 2019 was a powerful statement from young people wanting a stake in their future.  In Sheffield the most poignant and powerful statements came from those who were brave enough to stand in front of a microphone and address thousands of people at the rally in Barkers Pool.  The march through the city centre was positively spirited, colourful and peaceful.  One of the most telling call and response chants from the march was “Show me what democracy looks like…” “This is what democracy looks like!”

Creatively, young people had also taken time to make some wonderful banners.  I photographed one of my favourites before the march moved off and it read, “It’s horrible that we have to fight our government to save the planet”. The two young women from Silverdale School gave me permission to take the shot (Thank you. Sadly I didn’t have time to get your names before the march moved off).  I really liked the message and appreciated the time and effort that had gone into making it.

These images offer only a snap shot of all the banners and messages I enjoyed seeing.  They reflected the creativity and inventiveness of the protesters.  They showed too that they have a clear grasp on climate change, politics, corporate greed and all the other factors that have given rise to their protest.

I think the first image in this set of photographs is probably a response to all those who think it is wrong for young people to take time out from school in order to have their voice heard.  While the placard itself is not of the highest quality 🙂 it’s message is valid and is about being listened to, and perhaps about how adults, governments and corporations should value the concerns of young people.  It’s a very simple banner with a simple memorable message.  It served it’s purpose and did it’s job well…

Other banners and placards on the march also revealed local organisations who lent their support for the demonstration. Trade unions, Doctors, Nurses, Student Unions, Sheffield Against Fracking, Buddhists, Extinction Rebellion, Sheffield Woodcraft and many many more.  Extinction Rebellion even had a tent set up so that young people could print their own tee shirts, tote bags, jeans or anything they wanted their message to be seen on.

The last photograph, of the chalk artwork, sums up the urgency felt by everyone attending the march and rally.  A message to governments around the world that immediate action needs to be taken.

Sadly the UK the government on the one hand claim to be acting on climate change and global warming and on the other issuing licences to fracking companies to extract shale gas!  It’s as if they cannot join the dots when it comes to the nature of environmental disaster or perhaps it’s business deals they are interested in.  Whatever their motivation for all their misdirection, they are treating the public like fools.  Young people can see through a government and politicians who do not value their future.

Global organisations, multi million pound companies and corporations would do well to  listen to the voices of young people.  About how their futures are being eroded by placing profit before people and the planet.  I noticed recently that the cycling team once sponsored by Sky is now sponsored by INEOS, who are one of the worlds largest chemical producers with huge stakes in the gas and oil market!  It is my understanding that INEOS also intend to be part of the fracking market in the UK.  The healthy (and emission free) sport of cycling appears to have been appropriated by companies who could be seen as part of the problem!  Images of cycling fans cheering on a team sponsored by INEOS is something many struggle with.  The cynical might say it’s just a smart marketing move!

The young people demonstrating on September 20th showed that they can see through the bluster and spin of national and local government.  They can see through the lies and colourful PR of money driven corporations.  They no longer trust our political system and they refuse to be treated like fools.  It was most depressing to hear politicians unwilling to celebrate or endorse the international day of action.  Most sound bites from politicians on the day only served to highlight the attitudes young people wish to change.

I suspect young people learned more coming together as one voice, protesting in union across the world, than in any lessons that might have been taught in school that day.

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  1. Hi Cat,

    I thought on this rainy Sunday the images from my latest blog post might bring you blue skies and cheer 

    I’m not sure about my waffle at the bottom but I’m happy with the photographs…

    Midge Ureonlyyoungonce x

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