Sheffield General Cemetery and Sheffield canal and City Centre | October 2020

See more autumnal photographs on Postcard Cafe HERE

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    1. Thank you.
      The leaves on water were taken along the canal on a day when it the weather forecast predicted rain and for the best part of my walk it was raining! Actually heading out in the rain is a nice thing to do and there were only a few people out so it made it reasonably covid stress free. It was generally drizzly rather than torrential downpour although I think I’d have preferred torrential! 🙂
      There are a few brighter autumnal shots on the link at the foot of this post.
      Best wishes and keep safe
      Mr C 🙂

      1. You make a good point there – go out when it’s raining for a safer experience! It’s been pretty torrential here in Wales today with the addition of strong winds, but I like it! I’ll check out those links, thanks.

      2. When we first went into lockdown I did my local one hour of exercise at sunrise which gave rise to the series of sunrise pictures featuring the same tree. Of course at sunrise there was basically no one around so I felt very safe. If I didn’t make it out for sunrise i went out after 9:00pm when again there was no one around and that gave rise to my series of empty bus stop images! Rainy days are good for getting out but photographically they can be a bit challenging. I should have taken a polarising filter to help out with my leaves on water shots…!

    1. Thank you. Yes definitely go out whatever the weather. I’m happy to go out in the rain providing I am weather proofed! I have a weather sealed camera and lens too and that helps take the worry out of making pictures in the rain. Best wishes and keep safe, Mr C 🙂

  1. Nice pictures as usual.

    I’ve got a bunch of autumnal photos to come, including some taken along a canal (although in my case, it was the Chesterfield Canal). Because nearly all of my stuff is on film, there will be a slight delay in getting them posted as I work through my backlog though.

    I went for a walk in the Limb Valley yesterday and there was some lovely autumn colour on display – especially backlit beech trees.

    1. Thank you.
      In the past I have done a number of posts with autumnal images but I thought a bumper blog post would make a change! It was a rainy day when I headed down the canal but that suited me and there were only a few people around.
      It’s so funny how we cover the same ground! Over the summer I had several walks , generally up the Limb Valley but I have to say I’ve not been there this autumn.
      I will look forward to your autumn shots.
      Best wishes and keep safe
      Mr C 🙂

      1. It was my first ever visit to the Limb Valley – I never really knew it was there until I saw some photos from a friend of my wife earlier this week. I’ll definitely visit again though.

        I’d hoed to walk all the way up to Ringinglow, through Lady Canning’s Plantation, and to the Ox Stones, but the sky looked heavy with rain when I emerged from the trees below Ringinglow. So I just made my way back to the bottom. As you might expect, the rain didn’t happen!

      2. I did see it, although not the artwork. It looked to be fenced off and the threat of rain put me off hanging about, but it looked a promising subject for photos.

      3. It was less fenced off in 2014 but there is a stile to access the area where the building stands. The artwork is very weathered now and there are other less fitting bits of graffiti which is I guess perhaps inevitable after so many years.

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