Pigeons in Flight

Monovember #20 

Postcard Cafe in monochrome for the month of November

Pigeons and people next to the River Don | Sheffield | 17 September 2020

The chap in the last photo was so cocooned in his world with his headphones and mobile phone he walked on seemingly oblivious to the amount of pigeons almost flying in to him!

Within certain circles in Sheffield it might be considered impolite to post photographs of pigeons without including a link to this classic song by local musical legend John Shuttleworth: HERE

4 thoughts on “Pigeons in Flight

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  1. As a long-time New York City resident, I have great familiarity with pigeons and perhaps a little respect. Your photos and narrative are very nice…and oh, that song – new to me! Wacky wonderful!

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      John Shuttleworth whose real name is Graham Fellows among certain circles is a regarded as a national treasure. He has had TV and radio shows on the BBC! He had a chart hit in the UK back in 1978 as one of his previous character creations called Jilted John. He even ended up on Top of The Pops, which was big deal back then.
      Best wishes and keep safe

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