Church of God

Monovember #21 

Postcard Cafe in monochrome for the month of November

New Testament Church of God next to the River Don | Nursery Street Sheffield | 11 October 2020

6 thoughts on “Church of God

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  1. An edifice dedicated to the submission of the people to the relentless force of industry. Oh, and with a church in front.


    1. Indeed there is some synchronicity with these shots. Did you notice they were both shot only 5 days apart and both with blue skies. I like the composition of your shot and the colour reveals more about the stonework of the church and the contrast to that of Aizlewood Mill.
      I recently posted a square on shot of the Crucible which was taken 3 days after your shot although at that time I obviously hadn’t seen your picture! It’s interesting how shots which are in essence very alike can still look quite different. It’s always good to see how you, other photographers and myself tackle the same subjects.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend
      Mr C 👍

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