Sheffield | 31 January 2021

8 thoughts on “07:38am

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    1. It was an interesting start to the morning. Just before the sun came up the sky was painted with brilliant colour. Then as the moment of the sunrise approached the colours almost seem to disappear! I guess there is some physics that would explain what was happening to the light but the colours dropped away really quickly. I got a couple of nice photographs and one of frost on a discarded bottle will definitely make it onto the blog! Stay tuned for the gripping next instalment on Postcard Cafe 🙂

    1. The really vivid colours were only visible for a short while before the sun came up and when the sun started to rise most of the colour disappeared! I was pleased I had headed out a bit earlier than I would normally.

    1. Thank you 🙏
      Lock down has led to me exploring the local landscape in ways I hadn’t done before. Taking exercise at sunrise is a great way to start the day but also there are few people around so it is easier to stay safe.

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