Shopping From Home #4

Fargate | Sheffield City Centre | Saturday 29 May 2021

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    1. Thank you for your comment.
      This series of photographs are perhaps a bleak reflection of where we are right now. We are witnessing great change and the empty shops on all our high streets are perhaps symbolic of our uncertain futures. I hadn’t gone to the city centre with the intention of taking photographs of closed and empty retail units. I was saddened to see quite how devastated the city centre is and what that means to the owners of the businesses, the workers, the customers and the city centre itself. Perhaps the empty shops also symbolise the fact we cannot simply revert back to what we knew before the pandemic. Our future isn’t going to be reset back to a ‘normal’ that felt safe and familiar. It poses bigger questions for all of us. Perhaps the empty shops are a tangible and unsettling reality check. Hundreds of thousands of people have died through the pandemic and even more people are dealing with the loss and grief. All of us are now beginning to see the scale of what has happened (and is still happening) beyond the tragic loss of life.
      I was definitely moved and saddened when I shot these photographs. There are more to come in this series, after which I think I may need to bring back some nature to the blog.
      Best wishes and keep safe, Mr C 🌲🍀🌳🌱🌿☮️

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